Appeals & Recent Publications


Boyer Baker Bank v. Garver, 43 Wn. App. 673, 719 P.2d 583 (1986). Testified as an expert witness regarding fiduciary duties for the prevailing party at trial. Review denied, Supreme Court 1986.

In Re Estate of Vera Harris, unpublished opinion, Court of Appeals, opinion upholding adjudication of trial court that the residue clause of a Will failed with the result that assets passed by intestacy.

In the Matter of the Estate of Toth, 138 Wn.2d 650 (1999), quoted and referred to as a “commentator” in a published opinion by the Washington State Supreme Court.

Card v. Bostwick, PR of Estate of Kuhl, unpublished opinion, 2002, successfully represented plaintiff to enforce an oral agreement to make a Will, Court of Appeals upheld summary judgment by trial court.

Moen, PR of Estate of Bracelin v. Driscoll, unpublished opinion, 2002, reversing trial court on dismissal of tort claim on summary judgment

In Re Estate of Sullivan, Washington State Court of Appeals, Division I, Docket No. 49266-7-I (February 13, 2003). Retained as an expert at trial level.
The Court of Appeals referred to Bruce Moen as an “acknowledged expert in the field of the administration of trusts, guardianship’s, and estates.”

Estate of Little, 127 Wn. App. 915, 113 P.3d 505 (2005), review denied, 156 Wn.2d 1019 (2006), unsuccessful attempt to resist the reopening of an estate based upon alleged inadequate notice to heirs.

Chandler v. Lippek Estate, Moen, PR, Intervenor, unpublished opinion, 2006, successful remand on status issue as to the marital status of the decedent.

Moen, PR of Estate of Whitehead, reversing trial court order for partial distribution of $150,000 to surviving spouse for attorney fees in a pending criminal action for the murder of her spouse when there was no showing by the surviving spouse that such distribution would not be prejudicial to the other heirs. Published opinion, 2007.

Patterson v Wright, 147 Wn. App. 674 (2008), successful defense of the distributive share of a legatee against an alleged illegitimate heir of decedent (who had vacated a Decree of Adoption entered 30 years earlier in another jurisdiction).

In re Estates of Smaldino, Moen as PR, 151 Wn. App. 356, (2009), upholding a trial court’s finding of contempt against counsel following a successful defense of the administration of the estate and judgment of $475,000 against the predecessor PR.

Vollstedt et. al. v Tegman, PR, Docket no. 63392-9, (2010), application of laches and Statute of Limitations against certain claims to recover funds based upon a fiduciary relationship.

Estate of Haviland, 177 Wn.2d 68, 301 P.3d 31 (2013), amicus curie brief on the retroactive application of the Slayer’s Statute,

Richardson v. Fu, Docket No. 71831-2-1 (June 2015), unpublished opinion reversing the trial court on an issue of jurisdiction over trusts and closely held companies established as alter-ego entities and used by a former spouse to argue that certain assets were beyond reach for collection of judgments.